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White Red Modern Big Sale Instagram Post 6 Goa Rajshree 20 Shani Lottery Result Today | 8:30 PM Live Update


The Goa Rajshree 20 Shani Lottery is an exciting event that takes place every Saturday in Goa. The Goa State Lottery Department organizes this lottery, which offers tickets for ₹20. The grand prize is ₹7 lakhs. There are other attractive prizes, too, so the Goa Rajshree 20 Shani Lottery captures many people’s hearts. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the essential details about this exciting lottery, including live updates and the claiming process. Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the world of the Goa Rajshree 20 Shani Lottery!

Full Details of Goa Rajshree 20 Shani Lottery Result

Lottery NameRajshree 20 Weekly Lottery
Draw NameRajshree 20 Shani Weekly Lottery Result
Time of Result8:30 pm
DateEvery Saturday
Lottery Ticket Price₹20
1st Prize7 Lakhs
Result StatusAvailable

Goa Rajshree 20 Shani Lottery

Every Saturday, as the day unfolds, the Goa Rajshree Lottery lures participants with the chance to win attractive prizes. With each ticket priced at a pocket-friendly ₹20, the grand prize of ₹7 lakhs acts as a magnet, drawing players from all corners. As the clock strikes 8:30 PM, the excitement peaks, and players anxiously await the revelation of the winning numbers. In addition to the grand prize, the Goa Rajshree 20 Shani Weekly Lottery offers various other enticing rewards, heightening the thrill of the game.

Rajshree 20 Shani Weekly Lottery
Goa Rajshree 20 Shani Lottery Result Today | 8:30 PM Live Update 3

Rajshree 20 Shani Weekly Lottery Result 8:30 PM Live Update

Stay tuned for the live announcement of the Rajshree 20 Shani Lottery results at 8:30 PM. Keep yourself updated by following official channels or visiting the Goa State Lottery Department’s website to receive the latest information.

Rajshree 20 Weekly Lottery Draws and Schedule

The Goa state Lottery presents different draws scheduled for each day of the week. Let’s take a look at the schedule:

DayDraw Name
MondayRajshree 20 Som Weekly Lottery
TuesdayRajshree 20 Mangal Weekly Lottery
WednesdayRajshree 20 Budh Weekly Lottery
ThursdayRajshree 20 Guru Weekly Lottery
FridayRajshree 20 Shukra Weekly Lottery
SaturdayRajshree 20 Shani Weekly Lottery
SundayRajshree 20 Ravi Weekly Lottery

Prize Structure of Goa State Lottery

The Goa Weekly Lottery has many prizes to be won. Below is the list of prizes:

Prize LevelPrize AmountNumber of Winners
1st Prize₹7,00,0001
2nd Prize₹5,0001
3rd Prize₹2,5002
4th Prize₹1,0005
5th Prize₹5005
6th Prize₹100540

Check the Live Update Goa Lottery Result

Every Saturday night at 8:30 PM, the Rajshree Lottery reaches its pinnacle of excitement as the results are unveiled. Ensure that you stay updated by tuning in to official media outlets or browsing the Goa State Lottery Department’s website.

Play Goa Rajshree 20 Shani Lottery

To play the Goa Lottery, follow these steps:

  1. Visit an authorized lottery retailer or agent in Goa.
  2. Purchase a Rajshree 20 Shani Weekly Lottery ticket for just ₹20.
  3. Your ticket will have a unique series of numbers representing your chosen lottery numbers.
  4. During the draw at 8:30 PM, a set of winning numbers will be randomly chosen by the lottery officials.
  5. If the numbers on your ticket match the winning numbers, congratulations! You have won a prize.

Claim Your Prize for the Goa State Lottery

If you win a prize in the Goa Rajshree Lottery, follow these steps to claim your winnings

  1. Check the winning numbers against those on your ticket to ensure your win.
  2. Visit an authorized lottery retailer or agent with your winning ticket and any identification documents that may be requested.
  3. The retailer or agent will verify your claim to authenticate the win.
  4. Once your claim is verified, you can collect your prize money.
  5. You may need to visit the lottery office or contact the lottery authority for larger prizes for further instructions.

Download the Goa State Lottery Result PDF

To download the Rajshree Result PDF, follow these simple steps

  1. Visit the official website of the Rajshree lottery or an authorized lottery retailer’s website.
  2. Look for the link to download the Rajshree 20 Shani Weekly Lottery Result.
  3. Click on the link and wait for the result PDF to download.
  4. Open the file to view the Lottery Result.

Lottery Safety and Responsible Play

Playing the Goa Lottery through authorized channels ensures safety and transparency. Responsible play is essential for a positive lottery experience. Set spending limits and participate responsibly to enjoy the thrill of the lottery responsibly.


The Goa Rajshree Lottery is managed by the Goa State Lottery Department, and all decisions related to the lottery, including results and prize claims, are at their discretion. Participants must play responsibly and adhere to the rules and regulations set by the lottery department.

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